About Invibe Music 

Invibe Music is also about collecting fantastically made and beautifully polished music. Invibe music has the quality of beuty, heart, and groove. We are a collection of musicians that love music in all it's forums and spreading the tunes across the world. 

Invibe music is a new and upcoming record label rooted out of Seattle Washington in the United States but spans across continents, cultures, and genres. 

How Invibe Music is Changing the Music Industry

Invibe Music: A Record Label 2.0

Invibe Music is also a collaborative space where artist can get the resources they need to succeed and distribute there music. We work directly with online music stores to cut out the distributor cost, like IOTA, CD Baby, and others. This insures more monetary support to the musicians.

Here is a side by side chart of a standard record deal in the electronic music and what Invibe works for with there artist.

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