Babajaga weaving new tunes for Invibe Music

Babajaga is an amazing due from Seattle that is weaving into existence a unique and beautiful sound. Babajaga is the music project of two classically trained Eastern European musicians who deeply appreciate the power of beautiful melodies. Sebastian Lange (live violin, composition, and sound design) was born in East Germany, where he studied classical violin performance. After moving to the US, Sebastian has been a member of a number of bands and ensembles. He plays across genre categories including electronica, ambient, experimental, industrial, classical-indian and gypsy. Sebastian has composed dance and theater pieces, as well as music for a prize winning documentary. Maja Zavaljevski (live remixing and piano, composition) was born in Serbia where she studied classical piano. She has previously performed as a darkwave dj, at a major radio station as well as live at events.

The music of Babajaga is an organic mélange of beats, complex harmonies, and captivating melodies. Live violin soars over the luscious electronic soundscapes, invoking a variety of themes ranging from gypsy to faery. Live piano adds depth and compliments the violin in some of the tracks. The music is made to inspire movement, from slow and flowing to high energy and bouncy. Babajaga has had numerous live performances on the West Coast, both in major cities (Seattle, San Francisco, Vancouver BC) and at festivals (Photosynthesis, Burn In The Forest, Burning Man). “The Passage” is Babajaga’s first EP, soon to be followed by additional releases on Invibe Music.

There new EP Passage will be announced soon.